10 Ways to Stay Motivated

Hey guys!! For this post, I want to discuss something super important: motivation. We all want it and frankly, we all need it. Motivation is the drive that leads us towards success and achieving your goals. I know that sometimes it is hard to feel motivated enough to work towards something you want. We sometimes put it off and say ” some other time” to the things we need to do now! 

So, enough with the pep talk, let’s get to the good stuff. Here are 10 ways you can feel the motivating vibration in your body today!

1. Know what you want

In order to understand what you’re putting all of your positive energy and inspiration into, you have to really take the time to think about what you want. You can sit and brainstorm, writing down what your main aspirations are. You may have several goals, or just one main goal; either way this is the essential time you need to take in order to make your way to the life you desire!

2. Write down your goals

This is simple, but effective. You can write down all of your goals in a journal or type them on your phone. These can be any type of goals; you may want to write down your goals for just today, a week, a month, a year, or even your life-goals! Writing these goals down and keeping them at a place where you can see them is a reminder for you to achieve the things you wish to accomplish! Looking at your list of goals throughout the day can help keep a positive mindset all day, which is needed for a productive life!

3. Visualize

Yes, I am telling you to daydream! Daydream all day if you want! It’s not wishful thinking, it’s keeping the soul alive. Think about where you want to be in the future. Whether it is your dream job, house, partner, or location, visualizing will help you stay in that motivating mindset to keep working toward your dream. When I was stuck in high school classes, I would just visualize myself living my dream life, and I remained motivated and happy.

4. Look at inspiring quotes

Some of these quotes can be a bit cliche, but they are still inspiring. I have a folder of inspiring quotes on my phone that I look at often to keep myself from feeling down. You can find quotes for almost everything: health, following dreams, staying motivated, etc. I will give a couple of my quotes below that come from my notes.

“We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails” – Thomas S. Monson

“You can’t have a better tomorrow if you’re still thinking about yesterday.” – Unknown

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just to take the first step,” – Martin Luther King Jr.

5. Watch TED Talks

Man, there is nothing like getting motivated from someone talking so passionately about something they love. One way I motivate myself is by watching others talk about something they are passionate about. Whether or not it be the same passion I have, it gives off such a positive vibe. I will post a link to the official website and the page where they have categorized their motivational talks.


6. Declutter your space

Whether it be your desk, your room, or your own house, it is known that really decluttering the space around you helps to declutter your mind. You may be looking at your messy desk or room now and realizing this may be the cause of your delays or stress. Just like your space, it is filled with unnecessary things that are distracting you from your main goals. Take the time to minimize or at least organize your space and notice the difference your mind feels afterwards.

7. Observe others that are living your dream life

I know this can kind of be a punch in the face once you see someone living your dream life, but it can also be motivating. Whether it be a friend, a celebrity, or someone on Youtube, if you observe this person that shares almost the same goals as you, you will feel motivated to strive towards what you want like they are. For me, I feel more motivated and inspired to act on my dreams when I watch videos of people who share the same goals and interests as me. You can also gain ideas on how to achieve these goals by observing these certain people. Try this and see if you feel more motivated to attack your goals every day!

8. Say your mantras

By reciting mantras to yourself, you are bringing more positivity and motivation into your soul. These mantras can also lift up your mood and attract more opportunities into your life. Choose mantras that resonate with you and your dreams so they are more effective. Reciting mantras like, “don’t wish for it, work for it,” or “I have the ability to achieve everything I desire” in the morning and even throughout the day will remind yourself to stay focused on what you really want.

9. Track your progress

If you have worked hard at something you want for weeks, there has bound to be some type of progress happening. Take time to notice where you are and if there are any signs of progression. If you are looking towards weight loss, check to see if you fit into a piece of clothing you couldn’t wear before. If you are trying to accomplish something towards a goal or dream, notice where you are now and if you are getting closer and closer to that goal. There can be an abundance of ways to see progression; you can even start to notice a change of mood or behavior since you started to work toward this goal.

10. Kick procrastination in the butt

Procrastination can be our worst enemy. We face obstacles that we believe we can’t accomplish or scare us. Your mind will tell you to take a break and you can do it “later,” but then later ends up being you wasting almost a week of feeling lazy when you should be feeling good! It is such a rewarding feeling to finish the thing you have been dreading or scared of. If you ever face something you are unsure how to go about or it feels like a lot, just think of how you will feel once it is completed. That should be enough to get you to work and completing that goal. Here is a little mantra from my mom that helps her beat procrastination: “the dread is worse than the doing”

Those were some of my favorite ways to motivated myself into shape. I hope you find at least one or two of these to be useful in your daily routine. 🙂

Job Ideas for College Students

Going off to college is the time where young adults realize how important money really is and how fast it goes. I certainly have felt the struggles of budgeting my money this last semester and it is not my favorite thing. I knew that getting a job would definitely help me and my parents financially while in college, so I decided to take action.

I wanted to write this post for the college students that are afraid that they can’t get a job because they don’t have work-study or they do not want to settle for some job at a fast food joint.

I am here to help you make that cash!!

At the end of the semester, I took a job in retail and while I did get a couple of good paychecks, I was not happy and wasn’t getting enough hours.

So, what else is there for me, and also for you, to choose from?

I’ll tell ya right now: LOTS!

Let’s get into it!


Starting with the basics everyone should know:

Work-study/Student employment

When applying for financial aid, you have the option to have a work-study, which means you will get a job on campus to help support yourself.

If you do not qualify for work-study or you just don’t want it, I believe most colleges also offer student employment, where any student can work on campus just like a regular “work-study” job.

No matter what your financial aid is, any student still has the opportunity to work on campus!

Part-time jobs off-campus

If working on-campus isn’t your cup of tea, then there are an abundance of jobs off-campus that you can apply for. Jobs in retail or food are always looking for students to hire.

In my experience, some brands will tour campuses and try to recruit students to work for their company. Your college may also have listings for jobs off-campus as well. Check all of the resources that are available and I am sure you will find something to suit your needs!

Part-time job off-campus is mostly recommended for those who live off-campus, so I would not advise you to work off-campus while living in a dorm unless you have a reliable car!


For my creative college peeps out there:

staying motivated as a new blogger


Do you have clothes or accessories you no longer want? Use Poshmark!

Do you have a passion for making and designing things to sell? Use Etsy!

I have been using Poshmark for a year and I love it! It is so easy to list your items and once you sell something, Poshmark already has the shipping label ready to go for you! It is a super easy process and is an easy way to make some money!

Running your own business on Etsy may be more difficult than Poshmark, but it is also very rewarding! If you love making jewelry, designing shirts, or literally anything else, Etsy is the place for you to get your products out there and start making some money!


These outlets can be easy to start on if you love to give advice or just share your thoughts/life with the world. I started my blog so I could hopefully help myself financially in the future.

Once you have had your blog/Youtube for a while and have more experience, you could soon start making an income from it! There are so many bloggers and YouTubers out there that are going to college and running and blog or Youtube channel on the side.

If you are interested in starting a blog like I did, click here and start one for only $3.45/month! Whoop whoop!

Freelance Writing

As a freelance writer, you technically get paid to write content for other people online. There are various places online for freelancers to find jobs with different price ranges.

These jobs are great for ambitious writers in college to help get experience and/or make some money for your own work!


For those who want to help others:

Study Soup

I had never heard about Study Soup until my freshman year of college. Basically, Study Soup is a place where students can either become “elite notetakers” and take notes/make study guides for a certain class or become a marketer for Study Soup and try to recruit future notetakers. Your pay at the end of the semester can range from about $300-$600.


If you are skilled in a certain subject that others struggle with, you could have the opportunity to tutor at your college! It is obvious that all colleges have a system for tutoring so it would be super easy for you to get on.

Personal trainer/Fitness instructor on-campus

There is no doubt that your campus gym has student personal trainers/fitness instructors, so there is definitely an opportunity for you to help those in the gym if you are experienced and comfortable in the gym! Some gyms will also offer classes for certification in certain areas like yoga or PiYo.


If you’re fortunate enough to have a car with you on or off campus, you can consider driving around other people for money! These are popular businesses and it is an easy process to get signed up with them today!


There are many parents out there that are looking for someone to pick up their children from school, take them to practice, and so on. I have seen several jobs like this posted on my school’s job listing website as well as other childcare jobs involving those with disabilities.

If you are wanting to go into a career that involves taking care of people/being around children then this could be perfect for you!

There we go! I hope I inspired you to look into some job opportunities for this semester or later on in your college career. Good luck! 🙂


My 2017 Accomplishments + 2018 Intentions

Another year, another self-reflection.

Where do I start? 2017 has been a crazy wave of ups and downs. There were times where I wanted time to hurry up and other times where I needed it to slow down.

This was a pretty big year for me in terms of changes. I discovered things about myself that changed me as a person. I won’t go into the deep aspects of the year, which is why I want to focus this reflection on my triumphs of the year!

I Signed a Lease

Yep, this was a pretty adult move, am I right? In the beginning of February, I found that I could afford to go to the college of my choice if I lived off campus. This was one aspect of the year that really made me excited for the rest of the year to unfold. I couldn’t wait to move into my apartment and decorate it! As I am writing this post in my apartment, I have to say that early-2017-me should definitely be excited

I Graduated High School/Started College

It is such a relief to say that I have finally escaped what had made me a half-miserable, half-hopeful teen. I do miss the times I had in that building with my friends, but I am pretty much happy with where I am now.

The last semester of high school was such a drag, but I am thankful that I worked so hard during those four years and got to graduate in the top ten of my class! (Another triumph of mine!)

My first semester of college was a time where I made a lot of mistakes and a lot of realizations. I feel I can learn from these mistakes and realizations and make this upcoming semester an even better one!

I Started My Blog

This is a pretty big accomplishment, right? Although I did “take a break” from my blog for several months, I am so grateful that I hopped back on here and am more active.

Starting my blog with Bluehost was a big step that I do not regret taking. The progress I’ve made and the things I’ve learned since its’ creation is something I am super grateful for.

For those of you who are reading this and one of your 2018 is to start a blog, this is your sign to go for it!

Click here and start your very own blog with Bluehost for only $3.45/month. Take the plunge like I did. You won’t regret it.

I Began Acting

Being an actress was one of my childhood dreams and in late 2016 I finally turned that dream into a reality. In 2017, I was in a production, a showcase, and changed my major to Theatre! It was a risky jump, but I knew I wouldn’t be truly happy if I didn’t do it. I can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for my acting career!


Okay, so those were my main accomplishments for 2017, but of course, there were many more. Let’s get into my 2018 intentions & goals. I won’t go into too much detail about them because I am feeling very ambitious this year!

My 2018 Goals + Intentions


  1. Love myself and my body
  2. Volunteer/work at a daycare (I recently decided to add a second major (Elementary Education) to my degree. Crazy, right?)
  3. Read the Bible
  4. Be cast in multiple productions
  5. Read 10-15 books (I’m reading Eat, Pray, Love right now!)
  6. Practice yoga more (I want to be able to do the crow’s pose!)
  7. Practice minimalism (I don’t know if this is actually something your practice, but I am really interested in the lifestyle.)
  8. Show more gratitude
  9. Get into photography (I got a new camera for Christmas and I am so pumped!)
  10. Become more mindful
  11. Not to talk negatively about anyone
  12. Get back into knitting (I really got into knitting my senior year of high school!)
  13. Blog like it’s my job (This will keep me motivated and always in the mindset to work hard towards my blogging goals!)

There we have it! I am so excited to start implementing these into my daily life this year. This was a short post, but I wanted to give my readers inspiration to keep up with their 2018 goals. Or, if you don’t even have any goals, I can at least give you some ideas on what to strive for this year!

I would love to know what some of your 2018 goals and intentions are! Please leave them in the comments below! 🙂

How to Stay Motivated as a New Blogger

This page contains affiliate links, where I will receive a small commission if you purchase through the link. For more information, check out my disclosure policy. Thank you!

Are you a new blogger? Are you wondering how you’re gonna make it into the blogging world as a newbie? If so, I am here to lend a helping hand.

All bloggers were once new bloggers and have all been through the struggles that you will go through. But remember, all of the “new bloggers” eventually learn their way through it all and become pros at the blogging game! It will be intimidating at first, but if you keep learning and being consistent, you will soon become one of the pros.

I will tell you now, I am definitely not a pro blogger….yet. I still have A LOT to learn! I started this blog about 6 months ago and was on and off with it for almost 3 months! When I finally got back into the blogging game I had to re-learn the things I had already learned and get back on the grind. The reason I had “quit” only a month after setting up my new blog was that I was very intimidated by it all.

I didn’t reach out the others.

I didn’t do all of my research.

I didn’t have confidence in myself.

Now that I am back in the game and have been for several months now, I have a pretty good idea of what I am doing. Still, there some things I am still confused and intimidated by…*cough* SEO *cough*

But nonetheless, I am excited to master all there is to know about blogging and I hope you are too!

So, how do you stay motivated as a new blogger?

Engage with Others

This is definitely something I struggled with as a newbie. I am a very shy girl and I like to stay to myself, so reaching out to others was something I never did and it is something I still struggle with today. The best way I know to reach out to others is by joining Facebook and Pinterest groups, which is something I will get into in this post as well!

The reason that this is so important is that it allows you to make friends/acquaintances online that can help with any problems involving blogging or social media. Of course, you can always search your questions on Google, but I feel it is beneficial to have people on here that are always here for advice or tips for success!

Join Groups on Social Media

This is a big one for me. When you enter the blogging world, one thing that you will always see from bloggers is how Pinterest is just the BOMB. Although, they are not wrong. Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms to drive traffic from.

Joining group boards on Pinterest is one way to really get your content out there into the world! Although, it can be tricky to keep up with all of your group boards, which is why I have Tailwind. This tool allows me to schedule pins to group boards when I don’t have time to manually pin to all of my group boards every day.

If you want to check out Tailwind and all of its glory, click here to get a free month’s worth!

Facebook is also one of my main social media platforms. I have joined various groups on there and they have worked wonders for driving traffic to my blog. In these groups, bloggers get together and share each other’s content and comment on each other’s posts, which is super helpful when wanting to drive traffic to your blog. And who knows, you might make a friend/acquaintance or two!

staying motivated as a new blogger

Do You Research

If you want to succeed as a blogger, you have to do your research. This is the only way you are going to further your blogging journey and make progress.

I am not lying when I say there is an article out there for any problem that you may have as a new blogger. Trust me, I have had a lot of problems and questions with my blog that I have been able to solve through all of the resources that other bloggers have kindly provided.

These resources are also useful if you simply don’t know what your next move should be. My go-to sources are Pinterest and Google when I need help with literally anything that has to do with blogging, social media, SEO, etc.

Doing your research will keep you moving towards your blogging goals and keep you motivated!

Read Income Reports

Not gonna lie, I love reading these. I find it so fascinating to see how many ways you can make an income online.

They are also super motivating to look at, especially if you’re a newbie. If you don’t want to look at all of the bloggers who make over $50k a month, just look at bloggers’ first income reports. First income reports are just as motivating and you get to see how someone like you can start making money from their website in just a few months!


Think About the Comments that Made You Smile

This is something that always keeps me motivated. I love when I get insightful comments from those who really enjoyed my post. Comments that say I have inspired them or made them smile always leave me satisfied and grateful that I was able to do that with my own writing!

Once people start acknowledging your work, you will want to keep going and give back to those that keep you motivated as a blogger!

staying motivated as a new blogger

Write About What You Love

You’re probably thinking…. well duh, Dara. But, I am saying this to remind you that you cannot have happiness and success on your blog if you do not write about things you love/enjoy.

Don’t write about something just because you think that niche/topic is the only way you’ll make money from your blog. If you want to be a lifestyle blogger, be one! If you want to be a beauty blogger, be one!

Passion is what stands out the most when people read your posts. Always remember that!


From one newbie to another, I wish you luck on your blogging journey! I know you’re going to kill it! 🙂

If you want to see the resources/tools that I use as a newbie, check out my resources page!

Do you have any advice for new bloggers? Leave your advice/tips below for others to see! 



How to Master Being Vegan in College

This post may contain affiliate links that I may receive a small commission from, with no charge to you, if you click on the link. Thank you for reading!

Being healthy in college is hard enough, right? For a student on a “regular diet,” it is easy for them to survive off of the food the campus provides. College campuses are filled with fast food restaurants and other restaurants that provide foods that are easy for students to purchase and bring with them along campus. But for others, that can be a problem.

As for those who stray away from a “regular diet,” it can be difficult to find access to foods on campus. In this post, I want to focus on those on a plant-based, vegan diet because this lifestyle limits us on going to almost all of the food providers on campus. Because I am a vegan myself and a college student, I know the struggle. I know how hard it can be to see all of these foods on campus that you can’t eat and wishing there was just ONE vegan restaurant on campus!

If you follow a vegan diet and are struggling to live this lifestyle on campus, I am here to provide guidance and tips so you can succeed in college and veganism at the same time!

Disclaimer: I live off-campus in student apartments where I have access to my own fridge, microwave, stove, and storage room. Although, students who live in dorms have access to most of these things as well, it can still difficult to use them daily on a regular basis.

So, how can you master veganism in college?

How to Master Being a Vegan in College

Do Your Research

By this I mean, look up the menus to all of the restaurants on campus. Of course, you don’t have to do this for the restaurants you know aren’t vegan-friendly, but you should take the time to look into the restaurants you aren’t familiar with or have never even heard of — you may hit the jackpot!

I found that there are several restaurants on my campus that are vegan-friendly. I have access to a make-your-own-salad place, Subway, a bagel restaurant, Starbucks, and several other places that have a vegan option or two. It is good to know that if you ever are in need of a snack or meal on campus, you have at least a couple of options to pick from.

You can also write down the vegan options at each restaurant in your notes app or write them down so you always know what you can get at what place!


Bring Your Own Food

Let’s take it back to the good ole Elementary days where most of us packed our lunch every day with a bunch of snack foods and juice boxes. But now, we are packing our lunch box with vegan foods that can give us energy to go on throughout our day! I started bringing just snacks on campus at first in a tiny lunch sack I would carry in my backpack. Nowadays, I straight up carry my own lunch box because most of the days I need a full course meal to make it through the day!

If you’re like me and you’re A.) cheap and B.) want to be healthy, then this is the way to go. I love to bring big fruit medley’s, overnight oats, or big salads to campus to have for lunch! It is best to pack your lunch the night before so once you get up in the morning, all you have to do is pack it up in your lunch box and head to class!

How to Master Being a Vegan in College

Meal Prep

This ties in with the tip before, and it is something I do almost every day. Like I had mentioned before, my main options for on-campus lunch are salads, overnight oats, or fruit medley and those always take me less than 10 minutes to meal prep the night before. Of course, you can come up with your own meal prep ideas that work for you and the space you live in. I find it easier to eat healthier and vegan on campus when I prepare my lunch the night before because let’s face it, I do not feel like making a salad before an 8:00 am class.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


Buy as Many Whole Foods as You Can

And no, I don’t mean go to Whole Foods because not many college students can afford to shop there every week! What I mean is to buy as many whole, plant-based foods that you can afford/keep in your living space. It is better to have grapes, apples, and bananas lying around instead of easy, cheap vegan junk food! (But, there is no shame if you are the type that thrives off of vegan junk food. Veganism comes in many different shapes and forms!)

Easy and accessible fruits are the perfect thing to take on-the-go for breakfast, lunch, or for a snack.

How to Master Being a Vegan in College

Always Bring Snacks

This is important to make sure you don’t feel weak or irritable throughout your day! I can’t tell you how many times a simple snack like a Lara-bar or an apple has saved my body and brain while I was on campus. If you’re not sure of what vegan snacks to have on-hand, try subscribing for a monthly snack box full of vegan goodies from companies like Urthbox. It is always a fun surprise to see what’s inside and there will definitely be some great snacks in there for you to bring on campus!

Get $10 Off an Awesome Vegan Snack Box From UrthBox!


Being vegan, especially in college, can be stress-free if you have the right foods on-hand and the right mindset! If you are not vegan and are trying to transition to this lifestyle, I hope this post has inspired you to take the big jump! If you are vegan and reading this, then keep thriving!

Do you follow a vegan diet? If so, what are some ways you make living this lifestyle a little bit easier?




How to Make A Few Extra Dollars for the Holidays

It’s the time of year where we are all stressed over who to get what and how we are going to get it. If you’re like me and wished you had all of the money in the world to give to all of your loved ones, you know the struggle. I have had many Christmas’ where I would rack up some change and find any possible way to get someone I cared about a gift. Since I am in college and I am having to buy my own groceries and be an “adult,” Christmas gift ideas are definitely stressing me out.

Now, you could argue that gifts aren’t important and that is totally fine! I agree that materialistic things aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, which is why I like to give my loved ones things with actual meaning and that are personal.

Anyways, back to the stress. I have accumulated various ways where I can have an extra source of income and not just depend on my parents.

So, how can you make a few extra dollars for the holiday season?


Seasonal Work

This is the time of year where almost every retail store is looking to hire seasonal help. This is when the Black Friday crowds roll in as well as the Christmas shoppers. I currently have a seasonal job at a clothing store in the mall and I am excited to make some extra Christmas dough this year! Start looking around the middle of October for seasonal work at a mall or local retail store and I can almost guarantee you can get on somewhere! Sometimes, workers from the store will come to surrounding college campuses and recruit students to work as seasonal help as well! (that’s how I got on!)


Start a Blog 

This is a popular hobby that a lot of people obtain to make an extra/full-time income on. To be honest, if you started a blog right now, you are probably not going to make much money before the holidays. But, it is something to start now so that when the holidays come around next year, you will be financially stable and can afford gifts for everyone on your list.

I started my blog through Bluehost and I am loving it everyday! To get started, click here to build your blog for only $3.95 a month!!!


Survey Sites

There are literally TONS of survey sites out there for one to try. I currently have a list of potential survey sites that I would like to try in the future, but for now I am only using Swagbucks and Pinecone Research. This can take up a lot of time if you want to make fast money, but it is exciting to see your points build up as you go!!


Sell Clothes/Other Items

Like survey sites, there are tons of platforms for one to sell anything you want to give away. One of my favorite platforms is Poshmark; I started selling clothes on here at the beginning of 2017 and I have accumulated over $300 since then! (you can check out my closet here!) You can also sell your items on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram to reach people closer in your area.


Become an Uber Driver

Signing up for Uber is super simple and you can be on the road in not time. (Note: you have to be at least 21 years of age to be an Uber driver.)


Pet/House/Baby Sitting

If you live in a decently-sized neighborhood/town, I am sure you can find some soft of gig out there. If you have a Facebook, post a status saying how you are available to watch someone’s pet, kids, or house anytime and you may find a lot of people are needing what you are providing!


Save Your Change

Coins are so valuable and they add up super quick! If you regularly spend cash throughout the week, put all of the coins you accumulate in a jar and you will be surprised to see how much money you’ll have in a month or two!


I hope to have given you some ideas on how to make extra cash for the holidays! You can carry on these side hustles throughout the next year and you can save big for the next holiday season too! If you have any other ideas/suggestions, leave them in the comments below! 😀

My Bucket List

In September of 2016 I took the random notion to make a bucket list. I don’t really know why I never had any interest in making one after all of these years. I feel as though it was because I didn’t believe in myself and my ability to live my dreams and do all of the things that are now in my bucket list. I thought about all of my dreams and goals in life and decided that I was going to make them happen one way or another. If you are one of those people, like I was before, who doesn’t believe that they can actually achieve the goals are see the places that they dream about, I hope you rethink about making that bucket list! I am posting my bucket list in case you need inspiration for your bucket list, or you are like me and are interested to see what other people’s dreams and goals are!

My Bucket List:

Visit California

See a Broadway Musical

Go to Disney World/Land

Be Front Row At a Concert

Get a Tattoo

Go to a Music Festival

Learn to Play an Instrument

Be on Television

Go Zip-lining

Ride a Segway (very random)

Fly on a Plane

Go on a Cruise

Go on a Road Trip by Myself

Write Journal Entries Every Day for a Year

Read the Bible

Purchase a Nice Camera

Travel Outside of the US

Visit Las Vegas

Learn Sign Language

Learn Songs in Sign Language

Be Part of a Live Audience

Spend the night in New York City

Walk Around Central Park

Hike Up to the Hollywood Sign

Go to a Vegan Festival

Visit Portland, Oregon

Go to a Famous Museum

Visit Paris and See the Eiffel Tower

Visit the Grand Canyon

Spend New Year’s in a Different State or Country

Write a Script

Learn to Dance

Adopt a Child

Learn to Swim/Go Underwater

There you go! This is my bucket list and I am so excited to check all of these things off throughout the rest of my life! (To make my bucket list more “interesting,” I told myself that I cannot deleted anything off of this list, only check mark it.)

Do you have a bucket list? If so, what is one thing on there that you want to accomplish the most? 🙂


When Healthy Habits Become Unhealthy Habits

This post may contain affiliate links that I may receive a small commission from, with no charge to you, if you click on the link.

It is known that everyone is trying to obtain healthy habits. Whether these habits have to do with mental or physical health, we are all trying to better ourselves in some way. In this post, I want to discuss how healthy habits can actually become unhealthy habits. (Duh Dara, it’s in the title.) First of all, what “healthy habits” am I talking about? I want to discuss habits such as healthy/intuitive eating and exercising, the most basic and popular habits a lot of people want to have.

There are various ways to acquire these habits, and it all depends on what you think is best for you. To eat healthier, some will turn to cutting/counting calories while some will try a fad diet or a diet where you cut out certain foods such as meat, eggs, dairy. To add on to the healthy eating, one may also start including exercise into their daily routine. So you may be wondering, how could these healthy habits become unhealthy?

It starts with one word:


Here is how it starts: When you first start implementing healthier habits into your life, you start to feel excited for the changes to come. You feel motivated and inspired every day to keep pushing, which is great! From here, you can take two different turns. You can either “fail” and decide to give up being healthy, or you decide to keep going every day because you love the way you feel and you really want to reach your goals! Let’s say you keep going and you keep eating healthy and exercising 5-6 days a week. But then it starts to go astray.

You find yourself being too self-conscious of what you eat. You start to plan out every single bite of food you are going to have for the day and to make sure that it is “guilt-free.” You make sure you do not go over your calorie limit; and if you do, you make sure to “make up for it” the next day by exercising longer or eating less. You begin to worry about going out to eat with friends, not only because of the food, but also because you don’t know of you can fit in your workout for the day. You begin to beat yourself up for missing just one day of exercising. You begin to beat yourself up for not being able to finish your workout. You begin to stress over the 10 animal crackers you decided to snack on while watching TV. You begin to forget the whole reason you started these healthy habits, not even noticing that you have become a slave to your own change of ways.

This scenario was so specific because this is what I have experienced myself. I have fell victim to the calorie counting, the fad diets, the 2-workouts-once-a-day-fiasco…and for what? All I wanted was to be healthy, but thoughts of my body image and self-esteem came tumbling in and made me forget what “healthy” really means.

But really though, what does “healthy” even mean?

To be honest, I couldn’t give you an exact definition to this word. I still don’t know what this word even means to myself. Let’s give it a try. Healthy. “Healthy” could mean being in your optimal condition. “Healthy” could mean finding any possible thing that you could change that could make you feel better, either mentally, physically, or both. It all depends on what you think you need. Even if you don’t know what you need right now, try experimenting and soon your body and mind will find it’s calling.

So, how can we prevent our healthy habits from becoming unhealthy habits? Here are a couple of tips that I try to remember as I continue my health journey today.

Take baby steps

It is normal to want to be and do the best you can do, especially when it comes to healthy habits. Most of the time, we head into something straight on without taking baby steps. Allow yourself to take those baby steps and you will see that adapting to these healthy habits will become easier. You’ve heard the phrase “going cold turkey” right? Don’t do that. That is more likely to lead to “failure” and “cheating,” which leads to us punishing ourselves.

Don’t be too strict

One of the most well-known ways of eating healthier is cutting/tracking calories. I tracked calories for years and years, only allowing myself 1200, and I became obsessed with every little calorie I ate. This is how that “healthy habit ” turns into an unhealthy one. Instead of tracking calories, I find it better for me to track my macros! For the past 6 months I have been using the app Cronometer and it displays all of the nutrient targets you are hitting in your foods every day as well as your carbohydrate, protein, and fat intake. I find it much more rewarding and satisfying to see that I have hit almost all of my nutrient targets instead of being proud that I didn’t go over my calorie limit.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

Remember, if you “fail,” it is not the end of the world. I know some people don’t like to hear that, but it is true. I have had to tell myself that plenty of times when I would eat a cookie or have a comfort food. You have to allow yourself to have those days where you just pizza or you really just can’t exercise today. Just remember that tomorrow is a new day!

Choose “lifestyle” habits

When you choose these habits, choose ones that you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life. If you can’t see yourself doing a juice cleanse for the rest of your life, then you probably shouldn’t start one (or at least don’t start one that is quite a bit of time.) Those fad diets that only let you eat apples for 3 days or less than 1000 calories in a day are not what you want to pick up when wanting a “lifestyle change.” Pick up a change that you can implement for the rest of your life. For me, I have found a plant-based diet to be the lifestyle change that I want to follow for the rest of my life. I also choose to eat healthier and exercise when I can to make sure I am in my optimal condition.

Reward yourself

This is the one that a lot of people struggle with. Rewarding yourself can come at anytime. You don’t have to eat healthy for a whole week before you can have that one cookie or cheat meal. Reward yourself several times throughout the week if you want; it can be little or big rewards. Allowing yourself to have rewards makes you less strict on yourself and less likely to fall into an unhealthy habit of never rewarding yourself.


These tips are ones that I still try to implement in my life every day. There will be days when I throw these tips away and worry about what I’m going to eat all day. And then there are days when I feel I do have a good relationship with food and my healthy habits.We all have to remember it takes time. Trust me, I am impatient too. But I remember that I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle, and I still have to make some adjustments to find what really works best for me.

I hope to have enlightened those who need this advice/information. Don’t wait too late before your habits take control of your life! Take the insight from this post and make your life better and healthier for you!




How to Cope with Feeling “Stuck”

Feeling like you are stuck in the position you are in, whether it’s a location or a mood, is always a bummer. Sometimes we believe we will never get to where we desire. We want to live somewhere else. We want a different job. We want a different weight. We want a different attitude. It can feel like you are never going to get to where you want, but you won’t until you take things into action.

During high school, I always felt stuck. Coming to terms with the fact that I was very well stuck here until graduation really put me down all of the time. I wanted to be somewhere where I could thrive and finally be truly happy. I knew that I wouldn’t experience this until I was out of high school and my hometown.

College was coming up and I knew this was my opportunity to not feel stuck anymore. In my senior year of high school, I knew my life would be totally different a year from now. I would be in my own apartment in a bigger city. I would be more independent and have so many opportunities around me that will allow me to thrive. Knowing these facts got me through high school.

Every time I was sitting in class bored out of my mind, I thought about where I would be this fall and I would no longer feel sad. Visualizing myself in my apartment and walking on campus is how I coped with feeling stuck. Visualizing myself graduating college and moving to a different state is how I coped with feeling stuck. Visualizing may not be the case for every one, so I will give more advice on how to cope with feeling stuck.


  • Start something new

Our daily routine can sometimes be the reason we are miserable in the place we are in. If you’re like me and hate being repetitive, then you know you need some change in your life. Start a hobby. Start exercising or a different type of exercise. Join a club or community project. Choose a new skin care routine. Try anything that appeals to you and put a twist on your daily routine.


  • Plan out your future

This is a great way to stray away from your current reality and to create the future of your dreams. Take the time to write it or draw it out, thinking of every little detail you can. Make a list of all of the possible cities you would like to move to and write down how far they are from where you are currently living. Think about the type of house or job you want. Think about whether you want a cat, dog, or both!

Don’t just do this and think “that could never happen.” Plan the future that you desire! It can be as crazy and fun as you want. Truly believing that this will be your future will motivate you more to get through each day.


  • Visualize

This ties in with planning your future. I love visualizing myself in scenarios that I would like to manifest. It creates an exciting feeling inside of me that keeps me happy and motivated all day! If you are sitting in the office feeling down, just visualize yourself at your dream vacation spot. Think to yourself, “I will be there.” This will put you in a happier mood for sure!


  • Learn to find the beauty in where you are now

Even if you are not happy with where you are right now, doesn’t mean you should make yourself even more unhappy by not accepting your current situation. Instead of focusing on the negatives, find the positives in where you are. If you are in school, think about how fortunate you are to get an education. If you are at a job you dislike, try to find at least one thing about the job that isn’t so bad (maybe the money?). What I’m saying is, show gratitude. No matter where you are or how bad your situation is, show gratitude and you will see changes in your life soon.


  • Know that better days are to come

It is most likely a fact that your current situation will not be your permanent situation. I knew I wasn’t going to be in high school forever, so I had to get through it one day at a time. If you always find yourself in a “funk,” remember that you have the ability to live a better life. Bad times can help you grow and learn from what you have experienced. Soon you will be able to look at where you are right now and be thankful for where you are now.


I hope to have uplifted your spirit a little today. I truly believe better days are coming for all of us. If you are happy where you are right now, that is fantastic! If you feel there is something missing in your life, always assure yourself that you will find it eventually. Take care 🙂


The Ultimate List of Law of Attraction Affirmations

Hey guys!! I gathered and categorized a ton of affirmations to recite to attract all of your desires in life!  I love repeating affirmations daily to manifest a positive and abundant life!



I love money and money loves me

I am rich

Money comes to me effortlessly and easily

I welcome money from all places

I spend money wisely

I enjoy using money to help others

I am a money magnet

I feel good about money

Money is my friend

I always have enough money to afford whatever I want

I attract money every day

(check out more money affirmations here!)


Diet + Exercise

I only crave healthy foods

I am always determined to eat healthy

I never crave unhealthy foods

I look forward to exercising

I am grateful I have my dream body

Exercising is never a chore

My plan to be healthy is easy

I love how I feel when I exercise

I am my perfect weight

Being healthy is my number one priority

(check out my motivational affirmations for fitness here!)


Health + Healing

I have a great immune system

I feel alive every day

I never feel sick

I don’t rely on medicine to feel good

I am always full of energy

I have perfect health

I am grateful for my healthy body

Every organ in my body is healthy

I am free of pain

Every bone in my body is strong



I have a high self-esteem

I am beautiful

My smile is perfect

I love every inch of my body

I love the way I look

I deserve to love myself unconditionally

My personality is lovable and unique

I feel great about myself

I accept the way that I am

I respect myself

I always make choices that benefit me

I am the only one who controls my life

I am loved

I am never alone

I am full of self-love and appreciation



I am grateful that I have a job

I am no longer unemployed

I am grateful that I have my dream job

I love my workplace

All of my employees are wonderful people

I love working

I have a positive working environment

I deserve to be happy at my job

I have all of the skills to complete my work

I am well-paid at my job

I am manifesting my perfect job

I chose the perfect career

I look forward to going to work every day



I am smart

I always get good grades

I love learning

I have great study skills

I never procrastinate

My classes are easy

I am open to any challenges as a student

I am a fast learner

I am a great student

Completing my work is never a challenge

I can learn anything

Math is fun for me (for all my peeps who hate math like me)

I write astonishing essays

I am always listening in class

I learn something new every day



I have a great group of friends

I manifested my best friends

Everyone I meet is always friendly

I always have a great time with my friends

I meet a new friend every day

My friends are loyal and caring

I am attracting positive and supportive people into my life

I am a loyal and supportive friend

I get along with all of my peers

I don’t have any enemies

I enjoy meeting new people

I develop amazing friendships easily

I have many close friends

I attract an abundance of positive friendships

I love making my friends laugh

I love making my friends happy

I am always there for my friends

My friends are always there for me



I am manifesting a loving partner

I have found my soulmate

My soulmate is out there

My partner is loyal and supportive

I have found the person of my dreams

My heart is open to finding love

I am attracting my soulmate

My soulmate is looking for me

I am in a wonderful relationship

The Universe will guide me to my soulmate

The Universe will guide my soulmate to me

I am grateful for my love life


Positive thinking

I always have a positive mindset

Today is going to be a great day

I am having a great day

Positivity flows through me

I am always smiling

Everyone is nice to me wherever I go

I love being nice to everyone

Every day is a good day

I am grateful for this day

I am effortlessly positive

I radiate positivity

I always feel optimistic

My mind always thinks positively

I never have bad thoughts

I am always able to put myself in a good mood

Positive thinking is easy for me

I have an amazing life

I am grateful for the life I have


I hope to have inspired you to recite some of these once a day; even if it’s just one affirmation! I find myself always feel better about my day when I recite my daily affirmations. What about you? 🙂


Ways to Switch Up Your Exercise Routine

I love to exercise, but I can find myself easily getting bored of the routine I have. Every month I like to switch up my routine and either find something different online or make something up of my own. At first I followed a fitness plan that I had purchased, then after that I decided to create my own workout plan with lots of different moves so I can never get bored. Eventually, I got bored. So now I am incorporating yoga and jogging into my fitness plan! I wonder what will be next? (Maybe I will take some inspiration from my own blog post!)

Here are the types of exercising I have tried/would like to try to keep my workouts fun!



HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training. It is great to use in the gym or at home! The exercises in HIIT can be low, moderate, or high intensity and incorporate whatever kind of exercises you like! The basis of HIIT is that you perform an exercise for a certain amount of time (30-60 seconds), rest for a certain amount of time (15-30 seconds) and then repeat using different exercises. You can find tons of HIIT workouts on YouTube and see if it is something you would like to do!


Yoga is a classic. Yoga calms the mind, stretches, and tones the body. There are so many benefits to yoga and duration of yoga can go from 10 minutes to a full hour. I love practicing yoga in the mornings by watching Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. It is also very rewarding to see your progress and how flexible you get as you go along!



I was introduced to pilates earlier this year and I have loved it ever since. Pilates is a mixture of body-weight exercises and yoga. It can be an easier type of exercise because pilates consists of low intensity and high intensity workouts. I found out about pilates through Pop Pilates on YouTube. I love doing a bunch of their short workouts to get a nice burn in the body!



Walking is an easy exercise that almost anyone can do. But, if you wanna spice it up a bit, add some running intervals in there! If you are like me and you can barely run 2 minutes without dying but you want to build of your running endurance, trying walking for 2 minutes and jogging for 1 minute. You can customize this however you would like. I am currently using the Couch to 5k app to build up my running endurance and it is going great so far!



If you are blessed enough to be able to run for a long amount of time without feeling like death, then take advantage of that! Go on a morning jog every morning to start your day off right. Go out onto a trail or around your neighborhood and jog. Jogging is great for loosing all of that unnecessary fat and building strong legs.


30 – Day Challenges

These are all over the internet and Pinterest. There are 30-day challenges for abs, arms, legs, butt, and total body. Want to be able to last longer in a plank? There is a challenge for that. Want to be able to do a good amount of push-ups? There’s a challenge for that. These are fun and simple to do and usually do not take up that much time out of your day. It is also fun to see if you do make any progress in 30 days.



If you love dancing, then this is the workout for you. Zumba incorporates dance moves that give you a nice sweat and a good workout while dancing to fun songs! A lot of Zumba takes place in exercise classes, but you can also get Zumba DVD’s to use at home.



Whether on a machine or on an actual bike, cycling is a great way to burn fat and break a sweat. If you don’t like being stationary, buy a bike and discover trails around you to go on. It’s fun and allows you to explore nature.



Do you remember as a kid when you would jump on the trampoline and try to do all kinds of flips? You can still do that know. If you do not want to actually become a gymnast and go to gymnastic practices, start practicing doing flips on a trampoline and see what you can do!



Whether you want to learn how to dance or just want to dance at home for fun, it is a great workout for the body. I love playing games like Just Dance or Dance Central to dance and break a sweat. You can also look up cardio workouts on YouTube that are mostly dancing, which is kind of like Zumba. If you want to get serious about dancing of any style, start taking classes near you! Give this fun alternative to working out a try and bust a move!



If you want to get “gains,” going to the gym is your best bet. You can simply purchase some weights at Walmart and get started at home. The gym can be a friendly place with people who are willing to help you. Or you could also look on the internet to see how to work these “crazy contraptions” at the gym.



Jump-roping was fun as a kid, but now people use jump-ropes to exercise too. Jump-roping is a fun way to burn fat and great cardio. There are jump ropes specifically for exercise if you want to get serious with it! I love incorporating jump-roping into my exercise routine every so often, and it always makes me feel great!


I challenge you to try at least one of these the next time you work out and see how it makes you feel during and afterwards. You always need to switch up your work outs every once and awhile so you don’t get bored and you can start to feel excited about working out again! What is your favorite way to get your body moving? 🙂