The Ultimate List of Law of Attraction Affirmations

Hey guys!! I gathered and categorized a ton of affirmations to recite to attract all of your desires in life!  I love repeating affirmations daily to manifest a positive and abundant life!



I love money and money loves me

I am rich

Money comes to me effortlessly and easily

I welcome money from all places

I spend money wisely

I enjoy using money to help others

I am a money magnet

I feel good about money

Money is my friend

I always have enough money to afford whatever I want

I attract money every day

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Diet + Exercise

I only crave healthy foods

I am always determined to eat healthy

I never crave unhealthy foods

I look forward to exercising

I am grateful I have my dream body

Exercising is never a chore

My plan to be healthy is easy

I love how I feel when I exercise

I am my perfect weight

Being healthy is my number one priority

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Health + Healing

I have a great immune system

I feel alive every day

I never feel sick

I don’t rely on medicine to feel good

I am always full of energy

I have perfect health

I am grateful for my healthy body

Every organ in my body is healthy

I am free of pain

Every bone in my body is strong



I have a high self-esteem

I am beautiful

My smile is perfect

I love every inch of my body

I love the way I look

I deserve to love myself unconditionally

My personality is lovable and unique

I feel great about myself

I accept the way that I am

I respect myself

I always make choices that benefit me

I am the only one who controls my life

I am loved

I am never alone

I am full of self-love and appreciation



I am grateful that I have a job

I am no longer unemployed

I am grateful that I have my dream job

I love my workplace

All of my employees are wonderful people

I love working

I have a positive working environment

I deserve to be happy at my job

I have all of the skills to complete my work

I am well-paid at my job

I am manifesting my perfect job

I chose the perfect career

I look forward to going to work every day



I am smart

I always get good grades

I love learning

I have great study skills

I never procrastinate

My classes are easy

I am open to any challenges as a student

I am a fast learner

I am a great student

Completing my work is never a challenge

I can learn anything

Math is fun for me (for all my peeps who hate math like me)

I write astonishing essays

I am always listening in class

I learn something new every day



I have a great group of friends

I manifested my best friends

Everyone I meet is always friendly

I always have a great time with my friends

I meet a new friend every day

My friends are loyal and caring

I am attracting positive and supportive people into my life

I am a loyal and supportive friend

I get along with all of my peers

I don’t have any enemies

I enjoy meeting new people

I develop amazing friendships easily

I have many close friends

I attract an abundance of positive friendships

I love making my friends laugh

I love making my friends happy

I am always there for my friends

My friends are always there for me



I am manifesting a loving partner

I have found my soulmate

My soulmate is out there

My partner is loyal and supportive

I have found the person of my dreams

My heart is open to finding love

I am attracting my soulmate

My soulmate is looking for me

I am in a wonderful relationship

The Universe will guide me to my soulmate

The Universe will guide my soulmate to me

I am grateful for my love life


Positive thinking

I always have a positive mindset

Today is going to be a great day

I am having a great day

Positivity flows through me

I am always smiling

Everyone is nice to me wherever I go

I love being nice to everyone

Every day is a good day

I am grateful for this day

I am effortlessly positive

I radiate positivity

I always feel optimistic

My mind always thinks positively

I never have bad thoughts

I am always able to put myself in a good mood

Positive thinking is easy for me

I have an amazing life

I am grateful for the life I have


I hope to have inspired you to recite some of these once a day; even if it’s just one affirmation! I find myself always feel better about my day when I recite my daily affirmations. What about you? 🙂


13 thoughts on “The Ultimate List of Law of Attraction Affirmations”

  1. Have you ever read the book “The Secret”? I think you would really enjoy it. It’s all about putting what you want out into the universe and then achieving it.

  2. Thank you! I am daily trying to overcome negativity! I will add a few of these to my thoughts and my voice!

  3. That’s held in mind, produce like kind. Affirming the good aloud, until we embody the Truth in every cell of our being can only create a better world. Thank you for this wonderful list! Everyone should have this as the daily practice. 💝 Evelyn | 🦋

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